Writing an Essay Assignment.

How to Write Your Essay Assignment.

Whenever students get a glimpse that their professors will give them an essay assignment, they frown. Not because they are lazy, at least not the majority, but because of the work it requires. Before the professor taught us on calculus, it sounded like a very foreign and far-fetched theory. After being introduced, we now enjoy it because we know how to do it. I will, therefore, guide you through enabling you to understand how to write your essay assignment. This will make it less dreadful when the actual time to do one comes. You will enthusiastically look forward to it and, thus, with a positive mindset. This will make it so much easier for you to tackle your assignment. Once the work finally comes, here are some of the steps you may take to do your essay assignment effectively;

  1. Brainstorming; this is the initial stage of tackling your essay assignment. Brainstorming involves reading through the question and comprehending it at a personal level. The reason why we are stating at an individual level is that you must first understand the question by yourself, regardless of whether it is a group project. Your understanding is fundamental because it will be your guide and lead to contributing to your essay paper.
  2. Research; Having understood what the essay assignment is looking for, you can now go ahead and start your research. This is where you are now collecting data to give your essay some content. Your research can be done from both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include books, journals, magazines and newspapers, to mention but a few. In contrast, secondary sources are such as the internet. While doing your research, you can have a draft of your research work so that you will be able to compile the final data from that draft information.
  3. Drafting; this is the actual typing of your work neatly from the draft document you developed in your research stage. Your draft document will guide you on arranging the information from the Introduction, followed by the body and lastly, the conclusion. Your body may have several other subtitles, and you can choose how to break down those subtopics to give your essay assignment the perfect flow.
  4. Edit & proofreading; once you have drafted your essay assignment, you must always edit it and proofread it to eliminate any grammatical errors, punctuation marks and spelling mistakes. You can use a spelling and grammar check installed on your computer, or you can download one of the many applications that grant you 100% grammar and spell-check. Once you have carried out the corrections, you can now go ahead and proofread your work to ensure it makes as much sense as the intention thereof is. Proofreading can be done by reading your work out loud or having it readout for you either by the computer or by your friends and family.

With the above four guidelines, your essay assignment is ready for submission, and you can be guaranteed that your professor will surely be impressed by the quality and quantity of your work. But mostly, aim for quality over quantity.

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