Why You Should Double Space Your College Term Paper

What is Double-Spacing

How can you write your term paper in a way that is readable. clear and in a way that can be easily comprehended. Aside from structuring your term paper in a formal format, spacing your words is of the essence. The most preferable spacing type by lecturers, scholars, researchers among other writers is double-space writing format. Double Spacing is the amount of breaks between the lines on your term paper. It gives room for your sentences to enhance visual clarity. These are the reasons why you should double-space your college term paper.

  1. Double Spacing gives room for the instructor to mark your term paper.

Single Spacing leaves very little space between lines in your term paper. The instructor will probably be straining to see what you have written. This is not very good since they need to enjoy marking your essay.

  1. The instructor also uses the space in between the individual lines to put marks on the paper.

They can be where they have stopped reading the paper or where your key points are. It gives a specific time to mark your term paper. Impress your instructor by not letting them strain.

  1. Double Spacing allows your instructors to include comments on your term paper.

When you double space, there is ample space to write a comment. These comments help you to correct your work or to mark your key points. Double Spacing will help you get the required feedback from the comments written by your instructor

Double-Spacing Formats Used in Term Papers

The two commonly used formats in college term paper are APA and MLA. These two formats have varied formatting options for different documents. For a term paper, you are required to use double space. Both formats require double Spacing. A term paper should be as straightforward as possible.

Steps to Double Space Your College Term Paper?

There are several programs you can use to write your term paper. Use the program on your computer to write your term paper. The most commonly used word processors are Microsoft and MacBook pages. You can always start by typing the term paper. You can double-space later. Check the guide below to learn steps to double space your term paper on each program.

Microsoft office word; they are several Microsoft Office programs. This guide is used for Microsoft word 2016.

  1. Click (Ctrl+A) to mark all the texts you have typed
  2. Move your cursor to the ribbon above your document and select Layout.
  3. Select the part written paragraph.
  4. Click to bring up a window.
  5. Go to Line Spacing and click on Double space.
  6. Click (Ctrl+S) to save your document.

MacBook pages;

  • Mark the whole text of the term paper.
  • Move your cursor to the top right corner and click on Inspector.
  • Select the Text tab and click.
  • Move your cursor to the section tagged as Spacing.
  • Put two and click OK.
  • Save your document

These are the simple steps to use to help you double space your college term paper.

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