This Is How Your Term Paper Should Look Like

How Your Term Paper Should Look Like?

You have done your thorough research. You have the content you need to put in your term paper. But, do you know how a term paper look like? Writing a high-quality term paper requires you to understand its structure. Read on to understand how your term paper should look like.

You are required to submit a term paper every time you sit for your end semester exams. You should show your professor that you have mastered the content taught. A term paper is written as a report or a topic discussion, depending on your coursework. For both, it requires a lot of research and incredible writing skills.

Structure of a Term Paper

Your term paper has to be organized for clarity. You can check out templates of a term paper if you are not sure of the outline. Here is the explanation of how your term paper layout should look like.

  • Start your term paper with a cover page. Check the instructions given by your instructor on what to include on the cover page. Usually, school term papers should contain your credentials and course. Write your name, registration number, instructor's name, date of submission, and your course. You should center this content on your cover page.
  • Write a good abstract that is well informed. An abstract describes what content you have written on your term paper. Write about the topic, why it was chosen, and give reasons for doing it. Your abstract should be precise and concise.
  • Have a short and catchy introduction. You should write on the topic and its relevance. Give details on the issues you want to write in your term paper and the possible solutions.
  • Your body should be written in paragraphs that explain the main points. Give accurate information on the research done. Structure your sentences well. Your sections should also be uniform throughout the body of your term paper. Every time you give the main point when starting a new paragraph, then make sure you exhaust it in the same section.
  • Give your findings on the research done. Your term paper should give views on the main content. Explain the results that have been brought up by researching on the topic. This part ties your research together and gives information on the relevance of your topic.
  • Your conclusion should discuss the main topic of the term paper. You should also prompt your reader to get more information from the sources you will provide. This acts as evidence of your term paper.

Format of a Term Paper

You need to cite the sources of your ideas and information on your term paper. Leaving out citations will jeopardize your work. It is a formal requirement to give credit to the people who came up with ideas and information to write your term paper.

You need to be aware of the format used in your school. Ask your instructor and format your paper accordingly. The most common formats for term papers are;

  1. APA-American Psychological Association
  2. MLA-Modern Language Association

These formats give information on how to format your pages, fonts to use and the spacing. Apply all of them carefully.


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