Essay Writing Assignment Format

Essay Writing Assignment Format

Generally, an essay should have three parts, i.e., an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. However, the instructions given for your essay take precedence, but usually, they do not affect the above structure. Below are some tips to help you write your essay assignment.

 Essay Assignment Format 

  1. Introduction- This is what the reader sees first and should be interesting and not complicated. A good introduction has three parts, i.e., background information, purpose, and essay outline, as shown below:
  2. Background – gives a summary of the main highlights of the topic to provide the reader with some knowledge on the topic.  
  3. Purpose – This section seeks to answer the essay assignment question in the form of a topic sentence. 
  4. Essay Outline – this section highlights the content of the essay assignment and the key points to be discussed. 

Writing the Body of An Essay Assignment

The body of an essay assignment consists of the man discussions and forms about 80% of the total essay. Ideas are presented in paragraph format and supported with discussions. Each idea should occupy one paragraph and avoid mixing two ideas in one paragraph. A section should have the following content.

Topic sentence – start the paragraph with a topic sentence, which should consist of the idea you are trying to put forward. 

Evidence – support your idea by providing a citation from a relevant article or book.

Analysis – include your own opinion in the discussion by comparing and contrasting the ideas of others who have talked about the same topic. The purpose is to showcase to the reader the research that has been done on the topic. 

Conclusion – Lastly, provide a statement about your stand on the paragraph topic.

Example of essay body format

  1. Topic sentence 

Online learning has become the norm in this time of the pandemic, and there are those who point out that online learning cannot be used as a substitute for traditional classroom learning

  1. Evidence 

Learning is a continuous process, and according to socialization theory, people learn by imitating others.  

  1. Analysis 

Research shows that students who engage in traditional learning perform better than those in online settings. Also, those in traditional classrooms have fewer mental health issues and have fewer frustration levels than their online learning counterparts. This is evidenced in higher dropout rates and high levels of undone homework in online settings than traditional learning.  

  1. Conclusion 

It can be concluded that traditional learning environments give a better learning experience and outcome than online learning. 

Writing the Conclusion of an Essay Assignment

The following tips can help you write a satisfactory conclusion for your essay assignment 

  1. Recap – give a summary by re-stating some of the critical points of the essay 
  2. Linking content – show how points in the paper are related and lead to answering the paper's question. 
  3. Call to action – give a suggestion on further research or call to action to the reader to implement or think about.   

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